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We understand you & your business

At Shipway & Co we go out of our way to understand your business in order to help you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

We understand the challenges that self-employed and small business owners face because we have been there. Unlike many accountants we have previously worked in a commercial environments not just sat in an office crunching numbers.

We help you to understand the numbers that will assist you in running and developing a profitable business. We offer a mix of skills of qualified accountants with those of running a business to offer a complete small business solution.

Latest News

  • Self-Assessment filing deadlines

    21/10/2021 - More...

    The 2020-21 tax return deadline for submitting your paper Self-Assessment returns was 31 October 2021. The tax deadline for submitting online returns is 31 January 2022. Late submission of a Self-Assessment return will

  • Claiming tariff quotas to reduce import duties

    21/10/2021 - More...

    Tariff quotas are a special mechanism for importing limited supplies of specific goods at a lower rate of customs duty than would normally apply. The quotas usually apply to imports from specific countries. Most tariff

  • Transport restrictions eased

    21/10/2021 - More...

    The government has announced plans to introduce a temporary extension to road haulage cabotage rules to alleviate pressures with the supply chain due to lorry driver shortages and other global supply issues. The term