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We understand you & your business

At Shipway & Co we go out of our way to understand your business in order to help you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

We understand the challenges that self-employed and small business owners face because we have been there. Unlike many accountants we have previously worked in a commercial environments not just sat in an office crunching numbers.

We help you to understand the numbers that will assist you in running and developing a profitable business. We offer a mix of skills of qualified accountants with those of running a business to offer a complete small business solution.

Latest News

  • Job Retention Bonus policy paper published

    06/08/2020 - More...

    The government has published further guidance on how the forthcoming Job Retention Bonus Scheme will operate. The scheme will enable eligible employers to claim £1,000 for each eligible employee in respect of whom they

  • £50m extra funding for Customs Intermediary Grant Scheme

    05/08/2020 - More...

    Over the past few months, HMRC has unveiled a package of measures to accelerate the growth of the UK's customs intermediary sector. These announcements included £50 million of new funding to support businesses with

  • £20m in new grants for small businesses

    05/08/2020 - More...

    £20 million worth of new government grants have been released to help small and medium sized businesses across England recover from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. These grants will provide businesses between